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The Hastings North Community Partners Group (HNCPG) came together in the fall of 2008 with a joint vision of collaboratively growing a welcoming and inclusive community in our Hastings North area.

To date, the group has organized and implemented free community events including Pandora Park Fall Fair and the Community Small Grants Project.  We also distribute our community newsletter “Celebrate” three times per year in May, September and January.

The Hastings North Community Partners Group is funded by the City of Vancouver through the Hastings Legacy Fund, and includes the Hastings Community Association, Hastings Community Centre, Hastings North Business Improvement Association, Hastings Sunrise Community Policing Centre, Kiwassa Neighbourhood House, Templeton Community School Team and the Vancouver Public Library.

Hastings Community Association works in partnership with the Vancouver Park Board to provide recreation, social, educational and cultural opportunities in the Hastings- Sunrise area.

Hastings Community Centre offers childcare, a family drop-in centre, gymnasium, computer lab, games room, fitness centre, and racquetball court. Outside, there is a tennis court, a playground, and water park.

Hastings North Business Improvement Association promotes a retail and commercial neighbourhood within the City of Vancouver along East Hastings Street.

Hastings Sunrise Community Policing Centre helps local residents deal with crime and safety concerns, clean up trash and unwanted graffiti, promote the safety of young and old, and lead the way toward a better Hastings Sunrise for all.

Kiwassa Neighbourhood House is a gathering place, where people of all ages, cultures and walks of life can make friends, participate in programs, find resources, share ideas, and contribute to community life.

Templeton Community School Team provides evidence-based programming to support the development of children and youth enrolled in six neighbourhood schools.

Vancouver Public Library Hastings Branch is dedicated to meeting the lifelong learning, reading and information needs of local residents, offering collections and spaces for everyone to discover, create and share knowledge and ideas.

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