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Learning about Emergency Preparedness!

In support of educating our community about Emergency Preparedness, the Adanac Housing Co-operative Society’s Emergency Preparedness Committee participated at the Hastings Sunrise Summer Kick-Off to showcase Emergency Preparedness and Grab & Go Kits. The event was a great success, with many more community residents now being aware of what they need to have on hand for emergency situations.

Hastings Community Centre has a new seating area in the Learning Garden!

The garden had been somewhat under-utilized until last fall, but recently underwent a large scale clean up and restoration. As community members we were excited by this transformation and wanted to make it even more welcoming! The goal of installing a seating area was to increase awareness of, interest in, and use of the garden space.

Since installing the gravel pad and log stools, 174 community members have participated in organized programming and have used the stools for sitting, drawing, and identifying plants. Whenever a group visits the garden they immediately head for the stools. We have also seen more and more community members dropping by on their way in and out of the community centre. We are so excited to see the many more community members who will benefit from this seating area.


The Adanac Neighbourly Garden is thriving!


The goal of the project was to upgrade and improve the garden area around the Adanac Housing Co-op, which is used by both the co-op residents and community neighbours.

So far, the project volunteers did a major upgrade of the two 10 x 30 foot garden beds in front of the co-op’s apartment building. They added six yards of good soil and a variety of new plants: lavender, azaleas, rhododendrons, hebes, carnations, dahlias and coneflowers. The plan is to add a few more plants, and maybe some bulbs for spring flowers.

The seniors who live in the apartment buildings are very happy. Many of them can no longer garden, and these two beds were neglected and sad looking, so it has been a treat for the volunteers to be able to redo them, as a way to share some love with the seniors!

The volunteers enhanced a rock garden that small children love because of its path; built a new shade garden, including building a rock retaining wall, and planted hydrangeas and hostas. They also built a new children’s garden, including building up a rock wall, adding a path and bench and a little patio for playing in amongst the plants and shrubs

Still to be done is enhancing the area around the co-op office, it is very neglected. The plan is clean it up, add some hydrangeas in pots, and decorative rock and stone. Something to make people smile.

The positive energy being created through this community small grant is amazing, and people are proud of their accomplishments. What a nice way to get people connected with each other, and build community!

Summer Garden Celebration a great success!

The event brought together people from the preschool, out of school care and youth programs at HCC as well as families at Lord elementary. People who might not have met before were able to make new connections.  The event was attended by over 300 people.

The children loved growing potatoes in the school garden, harvesting and cooking them. Each class made a different potato dish.

There were many volunteers (parents, teachers and youth) who helped organize and help at the event. Teachers organized the garden projects. The school PAC organized the food. Parents and teachers helped to organize and run different activities at the event. The youth group from Hastings Community Centre volunteered to run two stations, helped out at other stations and helped with set up and take down. This was a great leadership opportunity for the youth. The school PAC and HCC contributed money towards the event which really helped with food costs.

It was a beautiful day and everyone had a great time!

Don’t miss the Summer Social on Franklin street!

The next event funded by our Community Small Grants is the Summer Social with the Franklin Street Community Garden volunteers.

Don’t miss this fun event: great music, food, games for children! Meet new friends, reconnect with your neighbours, and learn how you too can make your community better.

If you have an idea for a community project in Hastings North for next year, please check the Grants page on this site. We’ll be announcing the next round of applications in November.

Franklin Family Picnic

The Franklin Family picnic was a great success, with over 150 people coming together to enjoy good company, good weather and music by Wendy Biscuit, a Vancouver jazz, blues and swing solo artist. Face painting, pony rides and a bouncy castle provided a lot of fun.

Family Enrichment Day with Kids

The Family Enrichment Day with Kids at the Templeton Pool had families with pre-school age children getting together for a day of fun and support. The aim of this event was to connect newcomers to the neighbourhood with other families, creating a stronger sense of community, and providing valuable advice and information to parents with young children.