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Summer Garden Celebration a great success!

The event brought together people from the preschool, out of school care and youth programs at HCC as well as families at Lord elementary. People who might not have met before were able to make new connections.  The event was attended by over 300 people.

The children loved growing potatoes in the school garden, harvesting and cooking them. Each class made a different potato dish.

There were many volunteers (parents, teachers and youth) who helped organize and help at the event. Teachers organized the garden projects. The school PAC organized the food. Parents and teachers helped to organize and run different activities at the event. The youth group from Hastings Community Centre volunteered to run two stations, helped out at other stations and helped with set up and take down. This was a great leadership opportunity for the youth. The school PAC and HCC contributed money towards the event which really helped with food costs.

It was a beautiful day and everyone had a great time!

Don’t miss the Summer Social on Franklin street!

The next event funded by our Community Small Grants is the Summer Social with the Franklin Street Community Garden volunteers.

Don’t miss this fun event: great music, food, games for children! Meet new friends, reconnect with your neighbours, and learn how you too can make your community better.

If you have an idea for a community project in Hastings North for next year, please check the Grants page on this site. We’ll be announcing the next round of applications in November.

Franklin Family Picnic

The Franklin Family picnic was a great success, with over 150 people coming together to enjoy good company, good weather and music by Wendy Biscuit, a Vancouver jazz, blues and swing solo artist. Face painting, pony rides and a bouncy castle provided a lot of fun.

Family Enrichment Day with Kids

The Family Enrichment Day with Kids at the Templeton Pool had families with pre-school age children getting together for a day of fun and support. The aim of this event was to connect newcomers to the neighbourhood with other families, creating a stronger sense of community, and providing valuable advice and information to parents with young children.

Summer Garden Celebration!

The Summer Garden Celebration is the next Small Community Grants project to hold an event! Come and join the volunteers and your community neighbours on the 22nd of June at the Dr. A.R. Lord school grounds.

Food, music, activities, and the opportunity to make new friends or reconnect with old ones.

Bring your own plate and cutlery – this is a FREE event: free to participate, free to enjoy, and free of waste!



Tye Dye Fest with Rosina

An interactive project with kids at the Summer Kickoff Festival

The project is easy and the colourful effect is very appealing to the kid’s eyes, they love colour experiments because they are always amazed when secondary colours “appear” up after mixing primary colours. It makes science look like magic.

The participants will have few examples of easy designs, from small mandalas to simple flowers.They will make designs with colourful sharpies, after, adding few drops of alcohol, that evaporates instantly, and in a matter of minutes, they will have an amazing effect.

Let’s Grow Together Community Garden

Our project takes place on grounds @ 2475 Franklin Street. From March to October we have community participation gardening with plots available to the neighbourhood, and we will host a neighbourhood barbecue party and social gathering on July 15, 2018.

This year our goal is to develop a very basic irrigation system for the community u-pick plots. These are 3 large gardening plots that the gardeners plant and maintain with the produce advertised to the general neighbourhood as the “Gifting Garden” to help themselves.

The gardeners put an intensive amount of work into this area last year and found that it was extremely difficult to keep up with the watering needs. The barbecue this year will again be an opportunity for us to entertain our neighbours with good food and family entertainment. We have enjoyed sponsoring the event for the past 3 years and look forward to another great party.

Learning About Edible and Medicinal Plants in Hastings Park

Nature walks in Hastings Park with local school children and wider community that focus on learning about edible and medicinal plants that grow in the park and in our community.

The schools will include Lord, Hastings, and Begbie elementary schools. 2-3 classes from each school will attend the walks. There will also be a weekend walk open to the whole community.

The walks will be led by Lori Snyder, an Aboriginal herbalist and educator.

Hastings Sunrise Pumpkin Patch

The Hastings Sunrise Pumpkin Patch Festival will take place approximately two weeks prior to Halloween. The Festival, which is open to all members of the community, will enable members of the Hastings Sunrise Community to join together in a fall-themed celebration. Activities will include a pumpkin patch for children of all ages, games, refreshments and entertainment. By bringing a pumpkin patch to Hastings Sunrise, we hope to build community and allow families who would otherwise not have the opportunity to experience this quintessential fall activity.