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Hastings Culture Clash

Hastings Culture Clash Vol. IV will feature free beginner-friendly dance workshops of various street-dance genres such as Breaking, House, Waacking, Hip-Hop, and Hustle.

The workshops will cycle throughout the day and between workshops will be “open floor” time where event participants can rest/relax, mingle, and try out their new dance moves on the floor.

The event will take place at the Hastings Community Centre, and will also feature performances.

Charrette for Laneway Community Building

The project is to do a Charrette (community land use planning process in which all stakeholders in a project attempt to resolve conflicts and map solutions.) for the revitalization of a back lane space to bring neighbours out of their houses and use the lanes in innovative manner – children playing games, art works, hockey, basketball, bikes, bee hives, community food, movies, gathering spots, food growing, flowers, whatever the community wants and needs.

There are lots of potential for this type of unused space – which could be a template for similar projects around the City. Bringing families out of their homes and engaging with others. Building Community. Having fun. Music. Sports. Etc.