Community Small Grants Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Contact

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The HNCPG is a group of community agencies that came together in the fall of 2008 with a joint vision of collaboratively building a welcoming and inclusive community in our Hastings North area. The HNCPG manages the Community Small Grants project (CSG), which is funded by the City of Vancouver through the Hastings Legacy Fund.

There are many similarities, however, CSG have different physical boundaries; focus on bringing the broader community together; and projects and events are eligible for a higher amount of funding.  Both applicants must be individuals (not businesses or Societies) who live within the area of Boundary Road to Victoria Drive, and 1st Avenue North to the waterfront.  Your proposed project/event must also take place within these boundaries. Not all applicants will receive a grant.

New projects and events will be given first consideration for funding, as will those that intentionally promote social inclusion and cross-cultural connections, and can bring the broader community together to participate.  Projects and events can include cultural performances and activities; community dances; murals and art projects; community celebrations, festivals; community and neighbourhood gardens; food security projects; resident led classes; community dialogues and discussions; and more.

Still have questions or need some assistance with your Community Small Grant?