The Adanac Neighbourly Garden is thriving!


The goal of the project was to upgrade and improve the garden area around the Adanac Housing Co-op, which is used by both the co-op residents and community neighbours.

So far, the project volunteers did a major upgrade of the two 10 x 30 foot garden beds in front of the co-op’s apartment building. They added six yards of good soil and a variety of new plants: lavender, azaleas, rhododendrons, hebes, carnations, dahlias and coneflowers. The plan is to add a few more plants, and maybe some bulbs for spring flowers.

The seniors who live in the apartment buildings are very happy. Many of them can no longer garden, and these two beds were neglected and sad looking, so it has been a treat for the volunteers to be able to redo them, as a way to share some love with the seniors!

The volunteers enhanced a rock garden that small children love because of its path; built a new shade garden, including building a rock retaining wall, and planted hydrangeas and hostas. They also built a new children’s garden, including building up a rock wall, adding a path and bench and a little patio for playing in amongst the plants and shrubs

Still to be done is enhancing the area around the co-op office, it is very neglected. The plan is clean it up, add some hydrangeas in pots, and decorative rock and stone. Something to make people smile.

The positive energy being created through this community small grant is amazing, and people are proud of their accomplishments. What a nice way to get people connected with each other, and build community!